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Buyers! There be treasure out there.

The market is changing, and yes, treasures await. But it can still be a battle out there. If you find a home you love, be prepared to act fast, or some scurvy dog will hit you with a broadside and sail away with your prize. Bounty Realty helps buyers map out a plan and stay on course to seek, find and close on the home of your dreams. Click for more about Bounty Realty's buyer benefits.

Sellers! It's still a great time to sell.

It's still a sellers' market, but the tide is turning. Buyer interest is high, but so are interest rates. While waves of offers may not roll in, it's still a great time to sell. Price it right. Make it sparkle. Scrub the decks. Batten down the hatches. Then hoist the flag so the right buyers find you. X can mark the spot for treasure, or buyers can use it to cross you off a list. Contact us for more detail on personalized seller services and flexible rates.

Service Overview
Personal service for buyers & sellers.

Bounty Realty is a home-based, independent firm featuring a broker/owner with more than 30 years in the real estate business. The goal is to provide a small select group of clients  with outstanding service that goes above and beyond. You'll get straightforward answers, sound advice, extreme attention to detail and proactive communication and responsiveness.

Stay tuned for news, reviews and more.

A blog and social media pages are just on the horizon so stay in touch. Check back or sign up below for news and updates. But no spam or boring, canned postings and articles written by realty bots. We'll cover life's burning questions and explore unique things, places and people in Coastal Carolina. Watch for info on local shops, restaurants, more photos, videos and much more.

Coming Soon
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