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What makes your home special?

We'll carefully research, develop and promote your home's unique benefits to attract the right buyers at the right price. Real estate and advertising agency experience combine to make your home stand out from the crowd.

It's about more than physical features. Location, emotion, amenities, shopping, dining, recreation and more help tell the FULL story. Tell it in a compelling, persuasive way to generate more interest, calls and showings. It starts with a quality MLS listing, yet many are too brief, inaccurate, poorly written and feature bad photos. We sweat the details.

What's the best possible price?

Price can vary based on your unique needs and goals. Do you have the luxury of time to wait out better offers? Or do you need to move quickly for personal reasons or relocation plans? Together, we'll  develop a pricing strategy to meet your personal objectives. 

Tax value, market value, broker price opinions and "Zestimates" are all very different and can vary greatly. Like most agents, Bounty Realty is not a licensed appraiser but can research and recommend a "probable selling price" or range based on recent closings, current offerings, market trends and more. 

Make a great first impression.

Staging is a popular buzzword in real estate, and it really can help make a great first and lasting impression. But you don't necessarily need to go overboard and spend a ton of money on things.


Little things can make a big difference: fresh paint, mow and mulch, declutter, keep the home clean, pressure wash, etc. And in a hot sellers' market, your home may be just fine "as is". 


We'll help you consider the possibilities on any budget to put your best foot forward and make your home sparkle.

Get professional marketing support.

The most powerful marketing tool by far is the MLS system. Once input and activated by any member firm, large or small, your home listing feeds out to the world.


It quickly appears on major public sites like Zillow, and Trulia as well national and local brokerage websites.


Plus, Bounty Realty can tap into professional real estate ad agency experience to ensure high quality support materials: signage, sales fliers, video tours, photography, web landing pages and more.

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