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Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.

- Ferris Beuller.

A good home priced right moves very fast, and if you're not prepared you will miss it. But also find time to look around once in a while. Keep an open mind and explore the possibilities, or you could also miss a hidden gem.


Coastal Carolina has a huge variety of home styles and price ranges: cozy cottages, waterfront retreats, new homes, townhomes and land for custom builds. Plus, there are diamonds in the rough, fixer uppers waiting to sparkle.

Personal. Proactive. Responsive.

You're one of a kind, and so is your home search. Bounty Realty takes a truly personal approach to save you time, money and avoid frustrations.


Whether your prize is an affordable fixer upper or a million dollar estate, you get the same high level of client care, 24/7 availability, responsiveness and attention to detail.


Price, product and location are always important. But we dig deeper into how you want to live and how you like to search. Scroll down for more or just call and let's get underway. Treasure awaits!

Eyes, ears and boots on the ground.

You may have lots of free time and enjoy touring homes. But if you're out of the area or just busy, Bounty Realty will be your eyes, ears and even nose in the market. We can preview properties on your behalf and provide additional photos, video, reports and insight.

Online photos and fluffy descriptions can make bad homes seem good and great homes look bad. You need boots on the ground to know if X marks the spot or crosses a home off your list.

Unlock your magical treasure portal.

It's yours FREE for the asking, calibrated to your personal search parameters. Get instant email or text alerts when a home you may love hits the market, changes price or goes under contract.


For more adventure, enter your personal Flexmls Client Portal where you can view listings, conduct searches, save/rank homes you like and more. It's like Land of the Lost without the dinosaurs and Sleestaks. Call, email or use the form below for details!

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