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Treasures await. Let's find yours. 

Bounty Realty provides a personalized approach to your home search, because no two buyers or searches are the same. No two properties are the same either, not even in so-called "cookie cutter" neighborhoods. But whether you're searching for an affordable fixer upper or a million dollar estate, you deserve the same extreme level of client care, 24/7 availability, responsiveness and attention to detail.

What do you treasure?

Coastal Carolina has a wide variety of home styles and prices. Maybe you want a cute ranch plan or cozy cottage with a picket fence minutes from Main Street. How about a historic treasure on a shady street, a brand new home or land to custom build? Or nab a fixer upper, diamonds in the rough waiting to sparkle again. And while price, product and location are important, let's dig deeper into how you want to live and how you like to search. We can really narrow the focus or explore broad possibilities.

Get boots on the ground.

How much time and availability do you have? Do you enjoy the process? Let's map out a plan to help you save time, money and avoid frustrations. If you're out of the area or just busy, Bounty Realty will visit and preview properties on your behalf and provide photos, video, reports and insight beyond what you'll find online.

They say "a picture's worth a thousand words" and "seeing is believing," but they are wrong. You simply will not know what's real or fools' gold until you get boots on the ground and physically see, touch, feel (yes, even smell) a property inside and out. Even then, you need the right professional inspections and more to help verify value.


While it's not rocket science, finding and buying real estate can be a tedious and stressful process. If you want to know more, scroll down for "Seven Secrets to Finding Treasure," or just call and let's discuss  your needs.

Seven 'secrets' to finding treasure.

1. Batten down the hatches.

Others are after your treasure, so be ready to act fast when you find a home you love. We can help set priorities, refine budget goals, find mortgage lenders, real estate attorneys and more.

2. Map out a plan & dig deeper.

It's about more than home style and budget. Getting to know what makes you tick (no crocodile pun intended) helps refine and map out a more focused, successful search

3. Get boots on the ground.

Hire an agent ready and willing to do the legwork, literally, to help you save time and money. Some rely on 'haulin' and hopin,' and there's just no time for that in a competitive market.


4. Set & manage expectations.

Smooth sailing is the goal, but winds can shift quickly. We'll help set realistic expectations and carefully review all docs, rules, details and more to help you stay on course from offer through closing.

5. Assemble the right crew.

You're the Captain, and Bounty Realty serves as your first mate. We'll help assemble a talented, responsive crew of necessary industry pros like inspectors, contractors, engineers, technicians and more.

6. Keep the prize in sight.

Even with an experienced crew, it's still a tedious process, and time is of the essence. Bounty Realty will schedule and attend all needed inspections and track down answers to lingering questions or concerns.

7. Then there's rum.

After what ideally is a smooth closing and the clouds part, we'd love to drop off a pizza on move-in day or have a toast at the local tavern. Bounty Realty wants to remain a valuable resource long into the future.

Stay in touch for a Closer Look.

Each week, Bounty Realty will spotlight a specific town, county, region or maybe even home type to give you a Closer Look at the various Coastal Carolina treasures waiting to be discovered. Subscribe below for regular updates and watch for more on our blog and social media pages (coming soon).


Of course, these numbers can change by the minute. So call or email for an updated, personalized report specific to your goals and desired location. The North Carolina Regional MLS provides access to data, listings and showing abilities throughout the entire NC coast and many inland counties - 389 cities and towns and 41 counties.

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